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The Home Forage Garden

A Typical Forage Garden Bed

Saturday 28th March 

2-5 pm


Fairlight, East Sussex


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A forage garden gives you a backbone of food. The main focus is on fruit trees, soft fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Soft fruits, especially organic ones, are so expensive to buy,  yet easy to grow. Many fruits are hard to find because they have a short shelf life- but the best shelf- is in the garden!

Growing your own food to forage, means you can be sure it is organic and healthy.

It’s highly recommended to have at least one fruit tree in any garden as in 5 to 10 years time you will have too much fruit- a total asset for you and the nature around you. This short workshop will address:-

What plants to choose, where to put them and how to do it ….so that you can walk around your garden and come back with things to eat.

The Permaculture Orchard

Sunday  26th  April

11 am-3 pm



Fairlight, East Sussex


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A Permaculture Orchard does not use chemicals, but relies on planting other plants that help the trees to grow.  It creates a stable ecosystem that is good for pollinators and other beneficial insects.

This workshop will cover: planning where trees should go, how to work out the spacing, what varieties to choose and what else to plant in your orchard.

It includes a walk around a living example of a permaculture Orchard… Simple techniques will be explained and the process about planting one will be made clear- so your trees have everything they need and are in the right place.

This course can be applied in the back of a large garden, strips of land in the community, larger fields or some allotment situations (where fruit trees are allowed).

Gateway to Permaculture

Saturday  16th  May

11 am-4 pm


Fairlight, East Sussex


E-mail me to book on.


An intro to the intro!- This taster day is for people totally new to permaculture.  This will give an overview of concepts, where all the ideas originated and how it has been manifesting around the world since the 70’s.

We will explore how and why it is so pertinent when thinking about climate change, how it is a useful tool to start living in more sustainable ways and how it helps us think more ecologically.

It will show and explain how permaculture can be applied not only to landscapes, but to households, businesses,  community groups or indeed any type of project- through good design.

This course is designed as a leveller to prepare for the Intro to Permaculture Designing Skills, which needs a certain amount  of background information about permaculture in order to attend.

How to do a Permaculture Design

Saturday  30th  & Sunday 31st May

11 am-5 pm


Fairlight, East Sussex


E-mail me to book on.


Full Introduction  to Permaculture Designing Skills

For who people who would like to experience a small design process.  This teaches how to use the design web by looby Macnamara.  During the weekend you will be able to focus on your own Project.

This course assumes you already know a bit about permaculture-  been to an intro or taster day. Equally if you have done some prolonged reading, ‘you tube’ watching or googling about the subject matter and are keen to learn how you can use the framework and the principles and practices of permaculture to come up with a design of your own.

It can be like a tutorial for those with a PDC or on the diploma, to focus on a design, or someone relatively new to permaculture that has a project they keen to start, learning more about permaculture whilst being guided through a design process.

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Anna loves going out into the field and giving talks about any subject area of permaculture that your group would like.

Feel free to call and chat through any ideas for an event you are planning.

Here is a flavour of what some recent talks have been:

Bohemia Walled Garden Association
2017 Chelsea Fringe Festival – What is Permaculture?
2017 Plot Holders Gathering – Why designing your plot is so important

2018 Events

Pett Village Horticultural Society – Monthly Meeting – Permaculture- a general overview.
Hastings Transition Town – Hosted ‘Sustainable Food Talk’ with Patrick Holden
Tribal Earth Festival – Why Permaculturalists Want to Design Everything!
National Permaculture Convergence, Manchester – How to Approach the Bigger Design
Sustainability on Sea, Public Event – Permaculture in the Garden
Marina Allotments Association – Permaculture for Allotments

Talks 2019

Bohemia Walled Garden Association- People Power Celebration- Forage Garden on a Budget

Sustainability on Sea, Public Event- The Home Forage Garden

Marina Allotments Association- Plants for Pollinators



Anna regularly gives workshops about ‘How to Plant a Forage Garden’, ‘Permaculture for Allotments’, ‘How to Grow Organic Food from Seed’ and many other topics- just ask.

The main way to start a permaculture journey is to attend an Introduction Course.

Because designing is so pertinent to permaculture- Anna’s intro course focuses on this- learning the basic skills of permaculture design.