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Workshops & Talks

Anna loves going out into the field and giving talks about any subject area of permaculture that your group would like.

Feel free to call and chat through any ideas for an event you are planning.

Here is a flavour of what some recent talks have been:

Bohemia Walled Garden Association
2017 Chelsea Fringe Festival – What is Permaculture?
2017 Plot Holders Gathering – Why designing your plot is so important

2018 Events

Pett Village Horticultural Society – Monthly Meeting – Permaculture- a general overview.
Hastings Transition Town – Hosted ‘Sustainable Food Talk’ with Patrick Holden
Tribal Earth Festival – Why Permaculturalists Want to Design Everything!
National Permaculture Convergence, Manchester – How to Approach the Bigger Design
Sustainability on Sea, Public Event – Permaculture in the Garden
Marina Allotments Association – Permaculture for Allotments


Anna regularly gives workshops about ‘How to Plant a Forage Garden’, ‘Permaculture for Allotments’, ‘How to Grow Organic Food from Seed’ and many other topics- just ask.

The main way to start a permaculture journey is to attend an Introduction Course.

Because designing is so pertinent to permaculture- Anna’s intro course focuses on this- learning the basic skills of permaculture design.

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Upcoming Talks

Bohemia Walled Garden Heritage Open Day


This forest garden is a 12 meter x 3 meter demonstration site, a similar size to an average back garden.

Anna’s design shows how to play around with a rectangular shape and make it interesting, as well as use different sized trees and planting arrangements to create a productive as well as beautiful garden.

Its easy!

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Talk Sunday 29th Sept- time TBC

The Home Forage Garden

Anna believe passionately that every garden could have a small forest garden area or indeed BE a forest garden.  She intermingles the word forest and forage because many people are confused about having a ‘forest’ in their garden.  Essentially it is about having easy to maintain food plants in your garden that you can forage through out the year.  ‘Forest’ really refers to a multi-layered ecosystem that increasing looks after itself and produces more food as time goes by… come and find out more about it at the

BIG GREEN FAIR click here.