Workshops & Talks

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The Permaculture Orchard

Saturday 2nd October

1:30-3:30 pm

Small Meadow Farm, Fairlight

£20  (max 8 people)

A Permaculture Orchard does not use chemicals, but relies on planting other plants that help the trees to grow.  It creates a stable ecosystem that is good for pollinators and other beneficial insects and builds in long term solutions for the fertility of your trees.

This workshop will cover:  planning where trees should go,  how to work out the sizes and spacing, what varieties to choose and what else to plant in your orchard.

It is for people who are regenerating old orchards organically (garden orchards included) or are setting up (or thinking of setting up) a new orchard.

We will walk around a real example of a permaculture Orchard where simple techniques will be explained and the process about planting one will be clear to see.

Permaculture orchards can be planted in the back of a large garden, strips of land in the community, larger fields or some allotment situations (where fruit trees are allowed).

How to Design Your Project - LANDSCAPES

Monday Evenings 6:30- 8:30 pm

November 1st, 8th, 15th 2021

Sustainable Design Evening Classes!

We will be meeting one evening a week, for three weeks,  in the lovely Bank Hotel & Bistro Cafe.  The aim is to come to grips with our bigger GARDEN, ALLOTMENT or LAND project.

We will be sharing ideas and experiences whilst working on our own design, benefitting from tutor and group support and guidance. Winter is a great time to reflect and build on what we have, understand our landscapes from what we observed in the season just ended and think about what we would really like to achieve with our spaces. Its time to choose plants, do clearing, prepare ground, but first- come up with a plan!

Each week we will discuss a different aspect of our projects, start compiling ideas and lists, drawing our spaces and trying things out on paper, with feedback and suggestions in order to really shape our gardens and spaces in 2022.




I have now put basic designing skills on my instant access, self study courses website.

Help yourself here 

Design Your Own Forager's Garden

Spring 22 dates TBC


Small Meadow Farm, Fairlight


Work on your own garden design


This is a day’s intensive workshop where you design your own forager’s garden.

Take time out and really focus on your own garden and what you would like it to look like, what kind of plants you would like to be foraging and how you are going to plan it.  A great opportunity come up with your own design, whilst having tutor input, group ideas and personal guidance from the author of ‘The Forager’s Garden’.

Max 8 places

The Forager's Garden

April 2022 Date tbc.

Durbar Hall, Hastings Museum, Bohemia Road, Hastings


(max 18 places)

A forager’s garden gives you a backbone of easy to grow food that gets more abundant as time goes on. It focuses mainly on fruit trees, soft fruits, perennial vegetables and herbs.

This short workshop will address:-

What plants to choose, where to put them and how to do it ….so that you can walk around your garden and come back with things to eat.

We will start at the Durbar Hall and then walk to Bohemia Walled Garden (5-10 mins) and have a look at a recently planted example whilst continuing discussions.

Course attendees will be welcome to picnic in garden after the workshop.

Past Events & Workshops

Anna loves going out into the field and giving talks about any subject area of permaculture that your group would like.

Feel free to call and chat through any ideas for an event you are planning.

Here is a flavour of what some recent talks have been:

Bohemia Walled Garden Association
2017 Chelsea Fringe Festival – What is Permaculture?
2017 Plot Holders Gathering – Why designing your plot is so important

2018 Events

Pett Village Horticultural Society – Monthly Meeting – Permaculture- a general overview.
Hastings Transition Town – Hosted ‘Sustainable Food Talk’ with Patrick Holden
Tribal Earth Festival – Why Permaculturalists Want to Design Everything!
National Permaculture Convergence, Manchester – How to Approach the Bigger Design
Sustainability on Sea, Public Event – Permaculture in the Garden
Marina Allotments Association – Permaculture for Allotments

Talks 2019

Bohemia Walled Garden Association – People Power Celebration- Forage Garden on a Budget
Sustainability on Sea, Public Event – The Home Forage Garden
Marina Allotments Association – Plants for Pollinators

Workshops 2020

Online workshop March 2020 – The Home Forage Garden

Online Instant Self-study websitepermacultureonline

(Response to Covid 19 Pandemic)


Workshops & Talks 2021

Sustainability Centre Online Talk – The Forager’s Garden


Anna regularly gives workshops about ‘How to Plant a Forager’s Garden’, ‘Introduction to Designing Skills’, ‘Permaculture for Allotments’, ‘How to Grow Organic Food from Seed’, ‘Setting up a Permaculture Orchard’ and many other topics. Tailor made talks and workshops, no problem – just ask.