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What is permaculture?

Permaculture is an amazing design system for sustainable living.

It is about really focusing on finding solutions, rather than dwelling on problems.

It’s essentially about empowering people to live well now, on less.

Permaculture thinking is about using less resources, less time and less money to create more productive, abundant and stable projects that are good for the whole environment around us. It can be applied to gardens, houses, allotments, community groups, small business, farms and pretty much anything.


Effective design.

A permaculture design aims to create elegant solutions that are highly effective and simple. A typical permaculture solution seeks to solve multiple problems at once, especially problems not thought to be inter-related. In a design you will take time to notice how things relate. It (as an analogy) is not creating a garden, but about creating a long term ecosystem. You can apply this way of thinking to anything- it is about being more permanent- in the way we treat nature and in our cultural practices.

<p style=”text-align: left;”>By carrying a set of ecological principles in mind when designing our projects and learning about lots of tried and tested permaculture tools and techniques we become aware of a kind of checklist of things to think about when approaching living in more sustainable ways. After a first stage of surveying what you have around you and thinking clearly about what you would like to achieve then you can start designing your project.

Anna’s frequently delivered ‘How to do a Permaculture Design’ workshops are all about learning the basic skills and mindset to get going on your own. It is a beginners introduction course to designing and it doesn’t have to be about landscape or gardens! This Spring we have an enjoyable weekend workshop lined up, based at Mallydam’s Wood RSPCA Education Center and a very special permaculture farm nearby.