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This large Forest Garden has been planted in a clearing in a much bigger 150 acre woodland.  It has been experimenting with grafting fruit trees onto hawthorn and blackthorn root-stocks,  in order to grow on the more acidic conditions from having been a pine plantation.

It is about extending the ability to grow food on marginal land.  We have so many edible trees and shrubs- apple,  quince, pear, medlar, plum, elders, wild service, crab-apples, chestnuts and hazels- to name just some of our plants… We also have a tunnel of hops and an amazing collection of wildflowers that have arrived on the wind…

It has become somewhat of an oasis and a sanctuary.  Birds, insects, small mammals and mushrooms are also thriving.                                                                                   Click here for the FB page.


Bohemia Walled Garden Forager’s Garden – a small forager’s garden in a communal space.

These are two conceptual designs for Maya Evans, Voices for Creative Nonviolence and Gardens of Sanctuary

The design is represented by the images but all the rationale behind the design is in the following PDF.

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Anna Coordinates this community project.

She has designed it’s operations using ecological permaculture principles.  This might manifest as recycling resources or doing smaller projects that multifunction with each other or even creating a ‘guild’ of garden centres that are working towards getting more flowers into the village of Ore….

Permaculture works extremely well at designing the activities of a community group.  See Consultancy if your group needs a design!