As a designer, Anna takes on anything from short-term workshops with groups, mid-term urban gardens to massive long-term land based projects.

Having a design can really help your project to function well.  A permaculture design will make sure your project is sustainable, uses its resources as best it can and gives you what you need…creating beauty and healthy connections along the way.

The following forest garden is set within a much bigger community forest project in Rotherfield – we have been on the project for 3 years, its really starting to take shape now….This year the major planting will happen.

(This image is an artists impression of the design in 5-10 years time.)


This is a private garden in St Leonards.  We (myself and Leah) have been designing it as a permaculture garden. over the last three seasons.  We have looked at what Leah’s needs and wants were for the garden in terms of plants, foods to grow, different areas of activities such as lounging, dining, food growing beds and also garden work areas and have steadily been implementing them.

Part of the design of the garden is also to empower the client with the gardening knowledge and practical skills needed to keep the garden going once the design is in place.  We have introduced much more food, developed the desired social areas, fully functioning composting, garden stores, flower beds and a covered  work area   to multi-function as a potting counter, bike store, wood store and winter laundry hanging space.

We  continue to add to the fruit and vegetable planting e.g. a fan cherry on the south facing fence, an apple tree and Oregon grape.  The process is to co-design  the garden with coaching and maintenance  sessions as needed.  This is a fun way to learn how to garden, design the garden you want and to make it as organic and sustainable as possible.



Anna has designed many school gardens, many community food growing projects, allotments, green roofs, and even a pallet poly-tunnel.  She has versatile skills and is a very experienced community worker- being able to plan the people into the project i.e. through accompanying workshops, group facilitation and/or enabling a group to be part of the design process.  All of her projects and designs are absolutely bespoke and respond to the clients needs.




This is part of a 3 forest gardens design project in a small 2 acre small-holding.  This is low maintenance and is looked onto by a commercial rose nursery.

In this case I am helping the client choose some  themed plant lists and then we are co-designing the gardens.  It is a collaborative and fun way to have your garden designed and know what to plant, sow, prune, or develop at the correct time and within a certain budget.