A Forest Garden is a brilliant way to grow food, either in a garden or a larger site situation.  It is about establishing a low maintenance long-term eco-system, that you can eat.  It is best thought of as a ‘forage’ garden, somewhere you can seasonally pass through and gain some tasty yields.

Anna has designed and planted up over 50 ‘forage’ gardens of varying different sizes.  She feels passionately about empowering others to create their own and holds frequent workshops on the subject.

It is highly recommended to attend a workshop if you are interested to plant a forage garden.  However if you don’t have time or are new to gardening then why not have one designed for you?   It works well to turn the shady unused back of the garden over to something more useful that looks after itself or to make more of a feature of it. Every garden is so different Anna has all the skills to understand the needs of your project and choose the plants that you want AND that will work in your conditions.