Welcome to Anna Locke Permaculture

Anna is a fully qualified permaculture designer and teacher. She runs regular workshops at Rock House, Hastings on various permaculture topics and can:
  • VISIT your garden or project and offer consultancy on how to add permaculture to what you are already doing.
  • DESIGN your space or project for you, using permaculture priciples (create a permaculture design).
  • COACH you or your group, business, community project in whatever you need to know about permaculture and/ or come up with a collaborative design.
  • DELIVER WORKSHOPS about any aspect of permaculture.



In short, it is a holistic ecological way of thinking based on ethics and principles that put nature and the sustainability of what we are doing at the forefront of our planning. It has been around some years now and has gathered techniques that have the ability to REGENERATE soil, land, communities and even the economy. It is long-term, solution-based way of approaching how we live.  It is low impact, getting the most out of our resources and creating abundance through understanding the dynamics of nature and carefully spending time designing what we do.


Permaculturalists won’t do anything without designing it first!  When approaching any project there are conceptual check-lists to use to ensure that what we are doing is as nature friendly as possible, uses the least amount of energy and resources to give the biggest yields.  It’s about having clear aims and vision and creating a well thought out, integrated design that informs how we get there, like a conceptual road-map, diagram, timeline…. The job of a permaculture teacher is really about teaching others how to use permaculture design techniques so that students are empowered to design their own projects.



To teach land based and people centred permaculture in order to inspire a re-connection to nature.